Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid



Honda Genuine Automatic Transmission fluid (ATF DW-1) is formualted to be low viscosity to help achieve optimal fuel economy. It is also developed with additives that help its performance and aid in the shifting between gears.

What is it?

Automatic Transmission fluid is a type of oil that is used only in the automatic transmission of a vehicle. To keep it seperated from other fluids, transmission fluid is usually dyed pink or red to differentiate it from other vehicle fluids.

What does it do?

Transmission fluid lubricates the gears and bearings inside of an automatic transmission Honda's gearbox to reduce friction, and to keep the transmission cool.

When to Replace?

Transmission fluid degrades over time. Consult with your Service Advisor at Parkway Honda to have your transmission, fluid hoses, and coller inspected or maintained regularly.