Honda Batteries


Honda genuine batteries are designed to match the original specifications for your Honda vehicle's electrical system.

What is it?

Car batteries are like other batteries, but designed to provide electricity at the correct voltage for your vehicle's systems. Car batteries are typically lead-acid batteries that stores electricity chemically.

What does it do?

A car battery is a key component of your Honda's electrical system. The battery is used to start the engine of your honda, is recharged as you drive, and helps to provide steady, reliable electrical power to all other systems when the vehicle is operating.

When to replace?

Car batteries degrade over time, and need to be replaced periodically. Driving and environmental conditions like extreme hot or cold weather can cause for a battery's life to be shortened.

Consult with your Service Advisor at Parkway Honda to test your battery's functioning, and to replace it regularly according to your Honda vehicle's maintenance schedule, or as required.