Honda Genuine Engine Oil



Honda Genuine Motor Oil is available as a mineral or synthetic oil. Both types of oil maintain your Honda's engine, and are developed to match your Honda's specifications.

What is it?

Honda Engine oil is fomulated specially for the specific standards and requirements of quality set by Honda, and are the recommended choice throughout your Honda vehicle's life.

What does it do?

Honda Genuine Motor oil lubricates moving parts in the engine, protects parts from wear and tear, and reduces friction from moving parts rubbing together. Another thing that Honda Genuine Motor Oil does is that it creates a seal between the parts and helps to keep the engine temperature cool.

When to Replace?

Engine Oil deterioriates over time, and with use. As it deteriorates, it is limited in its ability to lubricate and protect the vehicle's engine as intended.

Consult with Parkway Honda's service advisors to determine the ideal schedule to replace the oil in your Honda as specified in your Honda's Owner's Manual or Maintenance Minder system (if equipped).