Honda Oil Filters


Oil filters on Honda engines are designed to trap and retain particles that are harmful to your engine, to protect, and prolong the life of the engine in your Honda, and to esnure that oil flows properly to lubricate and cool the engine.

What is it?

An oil filter is just that - a filter for motor oil as part of your vehicles oil system.When the engine is running, oil ciruclates through it, and also flows through the oil filter.

What does it do?

Genuine Honda oil filters are designed specifically for your Honda, ang manufactured according to Honda's exacting standards. This means that your motor oil will be filtered, protecting your engine to the same specification as when it left the factory.

Oil filters trap fine metallic particulates and grit, and contaminants in the oil. Oil is regularly contaminated with moisture in the air, carbon from combustion, and from heat and friction in the engine. The oil filter helps to capture these contaminants to keep them from recirculating through the engine and causing damage.

When to Replace?

Like the oil that runs through them, oil filters are meant to be replaced regularly with every oil change.

Contact your service advisor at Parkway Honda to determine the regular maintenance schedule for oil changes for your Honda vehicle.