Honda Timing Belt


Honda genuine timing belts are designed to resist stretching, and to be oil-resistant.

What is it?

A timing belt is made of a durable rubber compound. Timing belts function in hot engine compartments that are often dirty, so they are designed from materials that can withstand these conditions.

Honda Genuine timing belts are designed to the original specifications and standards for your Honda vehicle, and to perform exceptionally in adverse conditions.

What does it do?

Timing belts keep the different engine components and systems synchronized.

Modern vehicle engines are precision machinery, and a timing belt is a key component that ensures that the timing of different components is exactly right.

When to replace?

TIming belts degrade over time and with use. If a timing belt breaks, it can cause very serious damage to your vehicle's engine. Avoid costly repairs by having your timing belt replaced regularly.

Consult with your service advisor at Parkway Honda to have the timing belt replaced according to your Honda vehicle's maintenance schedule, or as required.